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BLOOM Curated Bundles
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Our team of passionate cannabis users and borderline weed-snobs hand-picked each product to create the perfect pairings of our premium products.
BLOOM Live Resin
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Crafted with fresh, live resin terpenes extracted directly from the live plant (not frozen) within 24h following harvest, BLOOM Live delivers bold, authentic flavor and effects.
BLOOM Live Budder
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BLOOM Live Budder with micro diamonds offers the most flavorful and aromatic experience in concentrate format. It is made from freshly harvested full buds within 2 hours post harvest.
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Preloaded with 350mg of oil, BLOOM One includes a fully-charged battery integrated into the atomizer delivering up to ~100 puffs.
Treat Pre-Roll
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Premium joints at mid shelf pricing. Each joint contains 1 gram of potent (over 20% THC) flower for a clean, smooth burn and long-last high.
Get any (12) twelve Treat 1g Pre-rolls for $100