Tangie 1g




1.0g – Sativa
Extra baked. BLOOM Live Resin is the best tasting fresh flower vape in CA.
Every month, our team of strain curators finds a variety of superior cultivars from growers in Humboldt to Santa Barbara. Each cartridge is made from potent buds and crafted into pure oil containing a wide range of cannabinoids and more than 150 live resin terpenes.


Herbal, Pine, Peppery


A citrus taste and aroma make Tangie irresistibly hard to stop  puffing. Effects are reported to leave users feeling euphoric and uplifted.  


Cannabis Oil & Live Resin Terpenes

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Los Angeles: C10-0000107-LIC
San Francisco: C9-0000105-LIC
East Bay: C9-0000105-LIC
Marin: C9-0000105-LIC
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