Treat Pre-Roll 1g - Wedding Cake





Celebrate life with this rich, tangy strain known for its relaxing, euphoric effects. Users report feeling uplifted, giddy, and ready to have a good time.

Each joint contains 1 gram of perfectly ground, high potency (20%+) indoor, premium flower for a clean, smooth burn, and unforgettable high.

Reported Effects: relaxed, happy, euphoric.

Licensed Delivery Partners:
Los Angeles: C10-0000107-LIC
San Francisco: C9-0000105-LIC
East Bay: C9-0000105-LIC
Marin: C9-0000105-LIC
Vallejo: C9-0000105-LIC
Sacramento: C9-0000279-LIC
Humboldt: C12-0000273-LIC