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Bloom Vape 1g: Get Any 3 for $110
Made with ~40-80 terpenes per strain, Bloom Vape offers the most flavorful puffs and authentic effects in a discreet, convenient design.
Get any (3) Bloom Vape 1g Cartridges for $110
Bloom Live 1g: Get Any 3 for $110
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Crafted with fresh, live resin terpenes extracted directly from the live plant (not frozen) within the first hour following harvest, Bloom Live delivers bold, authentic flavor and effects.
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Bloom Surf: Get Any 5 for $110
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The Bloom Surf offers more oil per pull, resulting in bigger clouds loaded with more flavor and potency in every puff. Made with triple airflow to help reduce clogging, The Surf delivers smooth, clean hits to the end.
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Bloom Live Budder: Get Any 5 for $130
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Fresh live resin budder featuring micro diamonds, produced by the innovative Big Oil Company. Enjoy our curated limited edition strains today.
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